Nov 27, 2010

Warcraft on the Android !!!

Please go to YouTube and leave a comment for this video lol

Oct 13, 2010

Warcraft update

Has anyone experienced a drop in FPS after this new update yesterday?
I will look up more on this, because I cannot be the only gamer experiencing this. I have over 4GB of memory. I will look into getting a good video card also. when I have made a choice I will come here and post it.
I really like the updated game, way before cataclysm will be out and it gives me a chance to do some low level raids and dungeons I skipped on while leveling my toons.

Achievements feel great doesn't it? I am now starting to focus on one achievement at a time, like cooking. I want the title of CHEF :P

This is October and it's almost time for the Halloween fun, and pumpkin heads flying on broomsticks. This is my favorite seasonal part of this whole game. It's a shame it only happens once a year. Valentine season is the worst !!! candy is good only when u can eat it behind the screen!

Back to looking up FPS and Warcraft... stay tuned to this blog for some more crazy shit ok?

Sep 27, 2010

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Aug 28, 2010

Jedi Mind
Play pc Games with the power of your mind. All you do is think and the games will do it..Pretty nice technology.

Kool Stuff

Kool Stuff