Black Male YouTubers

Black Male YouTubers

I always wonder why YouTube is not filled with more diversity and today I wanted to just write about it. Black Male YouTubers stand up.

Today I watched a video on YouTube and I had heard of this channel before, but it was a recommended video for me, so I decided to click on a take a look.

With the short attention span I have- I was able to watch the video through and I don't have to guess why this channel has over 18 million subscribers.

Dude Perfect had some great clips and I could not take my eyes off of the video. I wanted to see if they were maybe faking some of it until the camera was put in slow motion so the viewer could see it being done Perfect.

The home and brand they have are awesome and the guys look and seem happy living a good life ( always smiling on video ).

The big question I have and why I title this post "Black YouTubers", is because I could imagine some young black YouTubers doing some great trick shots with a basketball like the Harlem Globe Trotters, I loved as a kid.

Black YouTubers EarnYea its basketball, but you are not being drafted and on an auction block (like the NBA). You are not putting on a show in front of a live audience. This would be totally controlled by you and no manager or coach.

There is so much talent we have in our community and sadly many of it is being used to promote the worst things about a society. Violence, premarital sex, unwanted or unplanned pregnancy and flashing money that is not being passed down to their kids.
The only dreams that younger black kids have is either getting into the rap business with some nasty lyrics or the NBA. The majority won't make it to age 30 without being incarcerated at least once.

Whether it is an unpaid traffic ticket or failure to show up to court, violent or non-violent offense, the state needs to make some federal dollars off your black bodies - so they need you locked down.

African Americans on YouTube

Use YouTube to possibly get your foot into the doors that you feel are closed or locked off from you and us.

The large audience you entertain can be the shoulders you need to lift you out and then you reach back and pull another out. Imagine this being used to promote each other.

It doesn't matter if you want to teach us how to start a Lawn Care Business or how to Workout. We need each other.

If Society does not see us, we will notice each other and as always they will try and use our talent to profit from. Be watchful.

Stay Blessed...