African YouTubers

I decided one day to set the YouTube as if we lived in Africa.
This had to be the worst thing I had ever done.

If I lived in Africa and watched Youtube based on my country I would have missed out on the best parts of YouTube, including important information about the platform we all use to upload our videos.

There is literally no real news or entertainment I would want to watch anything that

Everything from my view looked like sweaty corrupt govt. leaders, gossip news and church leaders who sleep with the women in their churches.

Africa is literally a dead zone when it comes to entertainment unless it is their movie industry that does not reach out to the rest of the world.

Indians are just as poor as some African countries but yet they have many people who were not born rich and became wealthy by using the internet. Africans seem to have not learned how to do this on the same scale as Indians.

I would hope this changes and Africans can rise up and show the world the beauty that is within this continent.

Black YouTubers

Black YouTubers
Black YouTubers 

Black Youtubers are struggling

Black creator's it seems are getting "shut down" before they have even begun to use YouTube as a platform for expression and collaborations.

The reason Black YouTuber's are failing

Some favorited black YouTubers think the real reason black YouTubers are failing is that there is not enough financial support from the community of black people who are actually engaging in the discussion on the platform and the people who are daily viewers and fans of these youtube channels.

Would these YouTubers be failing if their content were presented differently, and convey the same message?

Where is the platform for these Black YouTubers? 

Currently, there is no platform where community thinkers and even researchers can sit and discuss issues in the Black Populations of the United States.

No "real news" found on Cable TV or the largest streaming website on the planet (YouTube) that fulfills those needs.

There is a lot of non-black people who re-read and quote FBI stats and never speak about solutions while grabbing another dehumanizing quote written about African Americans.

The African Americans decided to use social media as a form of expression and to talk about how they feel like any other group in America and around the world.

Americans of all Races know what the problems are

No matter what race or ethnic group you fit in, most adults know what the issues are when they are dealing with them every day. The things that are said by man fans of those channels are, "Where are the solutions " "Why isn't anyone speaking about how to fix things" "complaining about the issues doesn't fix sh!t" "Why don't celebrities step in and do something."
After some of the above quotes are said, there will always be a voice that echoes "Celebs care about you just as much as America cares about your black @ss."

The overall feeling is of hopelessness, frustration and being separated as if you are not an American, despite your grandfathers Military Service and the graves of your ancestors buried on the land since the 1700's.

YouTube Censorship 

YouTube's current crisis with advertisers leaving the platform and not putting their money into what makes Google operate has had an enormous impact on many YouTubers, and the hardest hit is not the biggest YouTubers, but the smaller channels and channels which serve content that targets Black Americans.
These channels are the least likely to be financially supported by ads, sponsors, and the fans.

YouTuber's Can Bypass The Algorithm With Translations

I found that many international YouTubers bypass the YouTube Algorithm by not using it to work for them -since it really does not work for a new YouTube channel.

Update your top videos with translations

Completely ignoring all things told to you by people showing you how to make a good video with SEO garbage techniques. These rules are all ignored since the algorithm only is focused on top channels.

There is a better way to go around this and it only takes that you translate your video title and descriptions into several languages. I should also add that translations for tags will also help you rank for many searches on YouTube.

I personally do not like seeing this unless there is a video with Captions that can translate into the languages of your audiences also.