African YouTubers

I decided one day to set the YouTube as if we lived in Africa.
This had to be the worst thing I had ever done.

If I lived in Africa and watched Youtube based on my country I would have missed out on the best parts of YouTube, including important information about the platform we all use to upload our videos.

There is literally no real news or entertainment I would want to watch anything that

Everything from my view looked like sweaty corrupt govt. leaders, gossip news and church leaders who sleep with the women in their churches.

Africa is literally a dead zone when it comes to entertainment unless it is their movie industry that does not reach out to the rest of the world.

Indians are just as poor as some African countries but yet they have many people who were not born rich and became wealthy by using the internet. Africans seem to have not learned how to do this on the same scale as Indians.

I would hope this changes and Africans can rise up and show the world the beauty that is within this continent.

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