YouTubers are running to Twitch

YouTubers are hauling a$$ to twitch. YouTubers are running to Twitch to save themselves. Run boy Run!!! →→→→➔➔➔👶

Pewdiepie and H3H3 Productions have already set eyes and blasted off to put most of their content on Twitch.

I wish H3H3 all the best and hope that they do well. It would be nice to also see them play some video games on Twitch also.

Twitch donations are not going to be a viable and stable source of Income-so I would advise some YouTubers to save and invest what you have earned.

I also would advise you to make content that is not controversial until the ads come back to the platform we all love.

Let's see how long Pewdiepie can go without saying "Ni99a" or something about a minority group besides his own.

I would not be surprised if he did it on Twitch and they kick him off.

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